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IBM 360/370 Mainframe Architectures

General WIKI Organization

Where possible - pages will be grouped as much as possible, according to the following:

  • “Recipes” and “How-Tos” - Procedures and Practices (builds, deployment, fixes, work-arounds, etc.)
  • “Reference Pages” - Content which is frequently used and is a pain to look for every time you need it. (for example “What Mother Never Told you …”)
  • “Release Documents” and “Deprecation Notices” - (self explanatory)
  • “Customs/Practices/Standards” adopted by the development team
  • <Pages grouped by subsystem> - To the earlier point of 'finding things'- it would be easier to maintain links within the Groups.IO platform from the WIKI to the related files (in the files section). Too often, I find dead links to off-site content and that is one thing that just makes it harder to learn.

For those who are new to the Hobbyist Mainframe environments, it's often difficult to figure out where to start and who to ask. Some of the necessary information remains only in obscure, or now defunct newsgroups, mail lists, etc. These are the most frequent questions:

  • Where to start (for complete beginners) in learning how things work (in general, and in the SixPack) and how they should work (including Melinda V's 'bible')?
  • Where to start (for those of us who already are experienced, but are just trying to get oriented to all of the work that was done to-date)?
  • What are the practices that have been adopted by the group in maintaining/managing/contributing in a better than ad-hoc way?
  • How can people who may not be as “expert” as others, but still can/want to - contribute in a meaningful way?
  • Knowing Who is working on what (so efforts aren't duplicated)?
  • For each subsystem, whether or not there is a “principal person” or “principal persons” who is/are ultimately coordinating any of the work for that subsystem or would be the “go to” person to ask about something more specific to the subsystem?
  • For “documentation” what's the best place to put it so the most current and accurate information can be easily found.

Over time, these pages will be expanded to answer these questions.

Hercules 390 User Groups

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