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Archer is ARCHivE Reader application for Retro1.Org. The archer application is a PHP8/MySQL based application which contains the entire message archive from the ControlFreaks mail lists. It also contains the index to all of the known CYBIS(PLATO) files archived to-date.


Archer is built using the MVC (Model/View/Controller) pattern and contains underlying clusters of tables (in the Model) which serve the following information:

System Access

  • Privileges in the Archer context.
  • User Groups and Rights in the Wiki CODEX context.

User Metadata

  • Given Name, Surname, E-Mail, Full Name, etc.
  • Requested Role (Contributor, Moderator, etc.)

e-Mail Archives

  • Message Bodies for all e-mail since 2001 for ControlFreaks
  • Attachments for all e-mail

PLATO File Catalog

All known files still in existence from the following systems:

  • VCampus/CYBIS
  • NovaNET
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