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This is a catalog of various utilities used to construct this site and develop all of the components needed to create and maintain various historically significant conservation efforts.

The build instructions are provided (where appropriate) because enhancements are inevitable in a hobbyist/conservationist process. Sometimes, it's important to modify the behavior or to add functionality in order to explore the works more deliberately.

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Available Downloads

Win32 Release

Contains the base distribution of CYBIS including the NOS 287-871 operating system, with dtCyber INI file which is paired with the Desktop CYBER version distributed here. Disk images, deadstart tape and cyber.ini files.


dtCYBER 5.5.1

Desktop CYBER version 5.5.1 emulator binaries and sources for Win32, MacOS X and Linux platforms.

PTerm 5.0.8

PTERM installation files for Win32, MacOS X and Linux platforms.

File Details

  • CybisRelease1.zip (2017/01/07 12:43:45)
    SHA256: 207110c400ebbea3a7784f565b632622807ffd442028558ee5c54b5468789716

Win32 Release
Win32 Debug
Win64 Release
Win64 Debug

This version number is now synchronized with Kevin Jordan's numbering convention. This container is the latest distribution of DTCYBER with specific enhancements which extend the operation of the base dtCyber implementation by Tom Hunter.

This release contains significant bugfixes and some timing enhancements.

Tested On:

  • Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit and 32-bit)
  • Ubuntu Linux (64-bit and 32-bit)
  • FreeBSD Linux (64-bit and 32-bit)
  • RaspbianOS [Linux ARM-8-A] (64-bit)

Built upon Kevin Jordan's github baseline

See Configuration Documentation on the Wiki for Details.
This version supports:
  • Optional line printer bursting on lp3000-class devices.
  • Proper line printer enhancements for ANSI/ISO printing.
  • Dedicated directory support for card-reader input.
  • Dedicated output directories for card readers, punches and line-printers.
  • Filesystem monitoring which monitors decks being submitted to the card reader's dedicated input directory and automatically submits them. Optionally, an output directory may be specified into which dtCyber will deposit processed decks. If this output directory is not specified, all decks submitted to the dedicated input directory are deleted after they are processed.
  • Enhancement of the load_cards command which supports the use of the asterisk (*) in place of the file name. IF there is a dedicated input directory specified for a card-reader the next file present (oldest-first) will be automatically queued for processing by the reader.
  • Display enhancements that decorate the windows with corresponding indicators uniquely identifying the dtCyber console to its related NOS console to reduce operator error.
  • Kevin's simulated hardware enhancements (NIU, MUX, Tape Library, terminals, and many more...).
  • Pre-processing of card decks to support special first-column codes:
    • } Simulating the EOI = 6/7/8/9 card
    • ~eof Simulating the EOF = 6/7/9 card
    • ~eor Simulating the EOR = 7/8/9 card
    • ~raw Simulating RAW Binary card
  • Experimental: idle-loop handling to reduce CPU consumption.

File Details

  • dtCyber_5.7.34_x86R_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:37)
    SHA256: c9537fdaf755eec790b0e36f81302ef220dbabebee11233784f751771bf425a7
  • dtCyber_5.7.34_x86D_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:33)
    SHA256: c91d8bac204db6e420b3ffbb5fcc1477734da61f0012791c89e71e1472820cc0
  • dtCyber_5.7.34_x64R_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:30)
    SHA256: 201386a13a6fca00365f6283417428af4067d5dacc3782b1e10ba5e61e748d4b
  • dtCyber_5.7.34_x64D_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:24)
    SHA256: e9b31eae16145ddc4b3f0a7b11b69fb571d08323f3ebfb578d11296554feeda8

Win64 Release

Windows Build of latest verified SDL distribution https://github.com/sdl-hercules-390/hyperion/commits/master

File Details

  • Hyperion.x64. (2022/04/18 19:36:14)
    SHA256: be02bdc15cd70045680f433155ad5d4f8f3286be97cc88fe4c8e26d2690951d2


Win64 Release

Windows Build of latest 'miscellaneous' NOS tools. The contents of this archive have been superseded by the 'nosutils' package.

  • asc2dc.exe
  • ascTo612.exe
  • atod.exe
  • bmptobdf.exe
  • cardlist.exe
  • cerl2mf.exe
  • check.exe
  • dd8xxcvt.exe
  • dmd.exe
  • dmp.exe
  • dmpbin.exe
  • dmpx.exe
  • dtoa.exe
  • dtoa2.exe
  • gen-aids.exe
  • gettap.exe
  • mag2tap_unix.exe
  • mastertool.exe
  • mf2p.exe
  • NosICreate.exe
  • NosIVerify.exe
  • nsfcvt.exe
  • pc.exe
  • pctobdf.exe
  • pf.exe
  • pldisk.exe
  • pms2png.exe
  • punch026.exe
  • puncher.exe
  • rawdump.exe
  • submit.exe
  • tapdmp.exe
  • tapextractIrec.exe
  • tapextractSIrec.exe
  • tapfixIrec.exe
  • tapgenIrec.exe
  • tapgenSIrec.exe
  • tapverifyIrec.exe

File Details

  • NOSUtilities.x64.1.0.1SZ.exe (2022/12/13 19:13:19)
    SHA256: 07db6ad2d7bd16189a11e3b6f0105437abba9430560bddc6cf38070c2984b0fb

OS-Independent Release

Multi-platform Build of NOS Tape tool 'nosutils' which is a rewrite/consolidation of all of the utilities found in the NOSUtilities package.

The root of this zip archive contains the 64-bit Visual Studio compiled windows utilities:

  • NOS Utilities (nosutils.exe)
  • GZip for Windows (gzip.exe)

The other precompiled binaries of nosutils are contained in their respective subdirectories:

  • Darwin.arm64
  • Darwin.x86_64
  • Linux.aarch64
  • Linux.GNU.x86_64
  • Linux.UBUNTU.x86_64
  • MINGW32_NT-10.0-22621.x86_64
  • MINGW64_NT-10.0-22621.x86_64

File Details

  • nosutils.1.0.1.beta.multi.zip (2023/01/20 13:53:36)
    SHA256: ab454fd4d8016f6ee4f16f9c0437cb79bdc3d69d5e68dd9676dd22a5e3efb5c2


Win32 Release

This container is the 'clean build' of the CYBER1 distribution of the PLATO Terminal Emulator (PTERM) which include all functionality of microPLATO and both ASCII and CLASSIC Support. This version is built using Visual Studio 2019.

File Details

  • Pterm_6.0.4_Setup.exe (2020/09/02 12:20:01)
    SHA256: 64093ad0643475b6e2c9a6260c12d3adc13a3f2368442c8f28cb22969c14d86a


Win32 Release
Win32 Debug
Win64 Release
Win64 Debug

This container is the latest distribution of the PLATO Terminal Emulator (PTERM) which include all functionality of microPLATO and both ASCII and CLASSIC Support. This version is built using Visual Studio 2022 and contains some enhancements for local printing.

File Details

  • Pterm_6.0.5_x86R_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:21:22)
    SHA256: 4bd692b040e537d3936779cf46d1cd1085f5f963e4c54cf776ce3d641c152abf
  • Pterm_6.0.5_x86D_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:21:09)
    SHA256: 1eda5be171d2f01b575e1a17af92490848f8d257229eb54c0c9fd924a584338b
  • Pterm_6.0.5_x64R_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:58)
    SHA256: 4502c573767bbf287a448b362c0ab62662a2edf2dc2a8bb77be3a6797c47dd7d
  • Pterm_6.0.5_x64D_Setup.exe (2023/01/06 08:20:48)
    SHA256: 5705a199f4336e842e6f157d181740cb49de4dbcace124839ed5f97b0ce547f8


OS-Independent Release

Contains the base distribution of microPLATO floppy disk containers:

  • Ansett Demonstration Disk
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Exploration Geophysics - Exploration Fundamentals/100
  • Basic Exploration Geophysics - Nonseismic Methods/600
  • Basic Exploration Geophysics - Seismic Data Interpretation/500
  • Computer Crime
  • Computer Privacy
  • Computers and Employment
  • Computers and Government
  • Computers and the Future
  • Computers in the Classroom
  • Control Data 110 Instructional Disk
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Programming in MBASIC parts 1 and 2
  • Mathematics - High School Skills
  • McGraw-Hill Keyboarding Course
  • Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviour
  • PLATO Master Delivery Disk
  • Robotics and Computers
  • Science - High School Skills

File Details

  • microPLATO.Originals.zip (2020/10/09 12:35:38)
    SHA256: 3512f899d621af1daa1b1fb08a6ce4da7977c7da7b560fe598ff0b74b25c3a4d

Win64 Release
Darwin.x86_64 Release
Darwin.aarch64 Release
Linux.aarch64 Release
Linux.GNU9.x86_64 Release
Linux.UBUNTU.x86_64 Release

TapeBrowse is a 'browsing interface' for SIMH-formatted CDC and AWS formatted Tape files. Tape formats are automatically detected and any compressed blocks are automatically expanded in ZLIB Compressed Hercules Emulated Tape (HET) containers.

File Details

  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/11 07:14:51)
    SHA256: 2ace906e78a546bccc4a2614ae1fc26ad844e05ba60f6264d3c765f13d2462fc
  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/07 20:58:16)
    SHA256: 76e01ce85a2e0ab76ebab0a5e4ea232c48c0dcd244569e7b4455930f04491b47
  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/07 20:58:14)
    SHA256: fec0bdee31b62a1dcb83cb4378da026cd39c0293609d56cf386f6e3ef14b4429
  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/07 20:58:15)
    SHA256: 477173feae6ec565c1bb8b1c7348bf9e3e436ad8102c331c1c0e29d0dfe1ec63
  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/07 20:58:16)
    SHA256: 14e2a342802faf90160470892a173f6cb552faffef9b48ec221ee8f72f355ea9
  • TapeBrowse. (2023/01/07 20:58:17)
    SHA256: 1ce5cde4858c03eb017cbed1fe5295ba488bed96f9e344b550a796f88f2a7c66

Tera Term

Win32 Release

Teraterm (Latest) Build for windows from the Tera Term project.

File Details

  • teraterm-5.0.SZ-x64.exe (2022/04/22 13:38:48)
    SHA256: 254007d1d7019f30f81afb6e4c6230639aa2c0db39d025d510cd51d698f95e56

Win32 Release

Binary build of Paul Mattes' excellent wx3270 terminal emulator.

File Details

  • wx3270-5.1a1-setup.exe (2022/04/22 20:40:57)
    SHA256: c9c7bd4e751329c5b9bedd6b76831e1000ca9dd006f9b17f44d708209064996c

Packages Available: 11

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