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This is a catalog of various utilities used to construct this site and develop all of the components needed to create and maintain various historically significant conservation efforts.

The build instructions are provided (where appropriate) because enhancements are inevitable in a hobbyist/conservationist process. Sometimes, it's important to modify the behavior or to add functionality in order to explore the works more deliberately.

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Available Downloads

ContainerLast BuildLinkFixList
TapeBrowse2021/11/13 20:35:53Download

TapeBrowse is a 'browsing interface' for SIMH-formatted CDC and AWS formatted Tape files. Tape formats are automatically detected and any compressed blocks are automatically expanded in ZLIB Compressed Hercules Emulated Tape (HET) containers.

dtCyber2020/10/07 14:24:40Download

This container is a distribution of DTCYBER with specific enhancements which extend the operation of the base dtCyber implementation by Tom Hunter. This version supports: automatic line printer bursting, proper line printer enhancements for ANSI/ISO printing, card-reader input, output folder support for automatic spooling, card-punch output folder, display enhancements that decorate the windows with corresponding indicators uniquely identifying the dtCyber console to its related NOS console to prevent operator error, idle-loop handling to reduce CPU consumption, and more.

CybisRelease12020/10/07 14:24:40Download

Contains the base distribution of CYBIS including the NOS 287-871 base operating system, with dtCyber INI file which is paired with the Desktop CYBER version distributed here.

MicroPlato2020/10/07 14:24:40Download

Contains the base distribution of microPLATO floppy disk containers: Ansett Demonstration Disk; Artificial Intelligence; Basic Exploration Geophysics - Exploration Fundamentals/100; Basic Exploration Geophysics - Nonseismic Methods/600; Basic Exploration Geophysics - Seismic Data Interpretation/500; Computer Crime; Computer Privacy; Computers and Employment; Computers and Government; Computers and the Future; Computers in the Classroom; Control Data 110 Instructional Disk; Electronic Funds Transfer; Introduction to Computers; Introduction to Programming in MBASIC parts 1 and 2; MICRO PLATO INSTRUCTIONAL DISK 76773000A; Mathematics - High School Skills; McGraw-Hill Keyboarding Course; Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviour; PLATO Master Delivery Disk; Robotics and Computers; Science - High School Skills.

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